Social networks and private life: which events share and which keep privates

socialThe mega-popularity and usage of social networks is quite a handy medium for establishing online communication with family, social circles and business spheres. However, some people seem to get lost when dealing with their accounts and share unfit and unnecessary information. Here is a reminder of what is appropriate and what is not.

Primarily, it is advisable not to keep privacy settings in the public mode. This way anyone and everyone can view your profile and gather information which should not be available. Moreover, there are things you should not publish even if your profile is set for only friends and family to see. These include financial information of any kind, your address, phone number and passwords (as well as hints to your passwords) as well as work related information of any sort (especially if your social networks are linked in). Someone can use your personal information to harm you in various ways and sharing (even) opinions about your company or job can result in you losing it.

All of the other publications you make (if your profile is closed for the public) are your moral choice. Moral choices are individually made. However, while it is generally well received to be able to have a glimpse of someone’s wedding day (check out the QualcosadiBlu and Barbara Zanon galleries if none of your friends tied the knot recently and you are feeling up for some ultimate romance), it is frowned upon to be constantly bombed with explicit footage from bathrooms. Street rules actually apply to social networks – if you would not go to your grandmother’s birthday party wearing only underwear, do not do it virtually. It is as simple as that!

What it all comes down to is that you just have to be aware and protective of the reputation you are upholding and promoting. Nobody can stop you to live your life the way you want to(if you are within the constraints of the legal system) but you have to be aware that with rights come responsibilities and with actions come consequences!