Share your business, LinkedIn and its advantages

linkedinLinkedIn is a commercial-oriented social networking platform mainly used by professionals for networking purposes. It allows users who are mainly employers, jobseekers and business executives to create profiles, and make connections online. Using LinkedIn, you can easily obtain second and third-degree connections, find jobs, businesses recommended by people in your network, post jobs and obtain potential candidates and even follow various companies and receive notifications about available offers.

The advantages of LinkedIn to both employers and jobseekers abound. One advantage of this social site is that it allows you to expand your marketing scope. The company pages provide a dedicated segment for people to promote their products and services. You can give a detailed description of your products and even post links to your website.

Employers get an opportunity to attract new talent by using the career section of their company pages to display their employment brand and post new jobs opening. Furthermore, users who upgrade to silver and gold careers pages get the option of posting videos and other material that can tell your connections more about your brand.

LinkedIn enables users to establish credibility through sharing information about their company brands. You also get to interact with other members from different fields and participate in informative business debates and industry-related discussions. This enables users to learn more about the different companies and their office culture.

LinkedIn requires you to follow social network etiquette if you want to succeed. This means every message posted must be able to reach other people and help you build strong relationships, which will provide you with value.