Why content goes viral

ContentIt is often said that not all great content goes viral, but all content that has gone viral is great. This statement holds true because for content to go viral, there must be something special about the post that has the ability to capture the attention of the audience and keep it trending for a long time. There are several reasons why content goes viral.

Content that goes viral is often long and in-depth. The authors usually delve deep into the topic and give useful information to the audience. Having at least one image in your posts can also greatly help your content to go viral. Images are the first thing that captures the audience’s attention.

Content goes viral when it has the ability to invoke emotion from the reader. Posts that inspire anger, awe, laughter or anxiety were found to be more popular than posts that invoke little or no emotion. The emotion is often directed at the topic and not the audience, author or publication.

Positive content was found to be more popular than negative content. Inspirational and uplifting content often gives encouragement to the audience and hence they may find it useful and decide to share with others. Being known by the audience may also help your content go viral. You can incorporate content from influential people in your post to achieve this.

All over the world, people like reading breaking news. It attracts attention like magic as it promises to give an important update and any content writer who breaks news before others is likely to create content that will go viral.